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Tamar Jackson Nelson (she/her/hers)

PhD, NIC Master, CI & CT

Tamar is an ASL Interpreter/Mentor/Educator who graduated from Gallaudet University’s doctoral program in Interpretation with a focus on pedagogy and research. Her research investigated the impact of preparation on interpretation. She is proud to have been in the second group of graduates from this unique program. Tamar has taught interpreting in various postsecondary settings, including Gallaudet University, Saint Paul College, and
Troy University. She has presented on numerous topics, including interpreter omissions, processing time, medical interpreting, and LGBTQ consumers at conferences for the Registry of Interpreters for the Deaf, the National Association of the Deaf and the Conference of Interpreter Trainers. Tamar has worked as a mentor, educator, and community interpreter, including emergency on-call work and video relay service interpreting over the past eighteen years in California, the Metro DC Area and the Midwest. Tamar is dedicated to the development of the interpreting profession and to cultivating respect of the interpreting profession and the Deaf community among practitioners and consumers.


Alex Jackson Nelson (he/him/his)


Alex has over twenty years of experience working in and for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer/Questioning (LGBTQ) community. He earned is Master of Social Work degree from Gallaudet University and was the primary investigator for research with the Deaf, Hard of Hearing, DeafBlind (D/HH/DB) LGBTQ community in Washington, DC. He has spent most of his career doing direct service work with youth as a case manager, therapist, Executive Director of a non-profit LGBT youth center, he has co-founded organizations focused on providing services to transgender and gender-nonconforming youth, has worked as a Senior Policy Advocate and has provided consulting and training to thousands of social service providers and American Sign Language (ASL) interpreters around the country. Alex has been a certified ASL interpreter for many years. He currently works for the Minnesota Department of Human Services in the Child Safety and Permanency Division supervising training of the child welfare workforce in Minnesota.
Alex consults and facilitates trainings at various businesses, non-profits, regional, state and national conferences.


Service Offerings

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Alex: Consulting & Training Services

For social service agencies, businesses, non-profits, and communities


Tamar: Training Services

For American Sign Language Interpreters


Interpreting Services

American Sign Language and English

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Interpreting Services

American Sign Language (ASL) and English

We provide professional ASL/English interpreting services for business, academic, medical, social, mental health, LGBTQ, social justice, government and a variety of other fields. Tamar and Alex are nationally certified interpreters with a variety of professional interpreting experiences.

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Client Testimonials


“Tamar and Alex provided and modeled a safe and respectful environment for people to ask questions, share information and learn.”

“The skills from this workshop, while vital for working with the GLBTQI community, can be applied to ALL the work we do and how we present ourselves in general in our personal and professional lives. It should be a staple of any conference and included in ITPs.”

“Totally opened my eyes, a workshop for all to experience, excellent content and dialogue! Open discussion format enabling learning from everyone not just the presenters. Video clips enhanced learning.”

“Presenters were very clear about ownership of the things presented, whether it was general practice or personal opinion. They established a very comfortable environment where questions from all levels of understanding were responded to effectively and respectfully.”

“Great workshop Tamar created a variety of real life scenarios where we don’t realize the impressions we make while speaking on behalf of a deaf person. I take away a lot of empathetic development from this workshop.”

“Great info and viewpoints that I as an interpreter need to be reminded of over and over.”

“Loved it, very relaxed and fun…Really makes you think about how our word choices and body language really impact us and our work.”

“Presenter offered great ideas for preparing to voice and how to be prepared for interruptions and unknowns, I enjoyed this presenter’s style and research.”

“Well-presented and useful information. A lot of” a-ha” moments I very much appreciated getting the information in English.”

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