Processing Time and Its Effects on Errors in Simultaneous Interpreting   Leave a comment

Participants will examine what processing time is in relation to interpreting, how comprehension, interpreter styles, interpreter approaches and other factors may impact processing time which impacts the dynamics of the interpreting situation. Participants will also gain insight from group discussions regarding research by Gile, Barik, Cokley, and Napier about what types of errors or miscues may occur due to processing time.

There will be specific dialogue related to processing time and interactive discourse. We will exchange ideas related to how processing time, dynamic equivalence and interactive discourse are all intertwined in the interpreting process. Lastly, participants will gain knowledge of the implication, for interpreters and/or interpreter educators, of processing time and its effect on errors in simultaneous interpretations. This will include questioning how to best learn and teach self-correction, utilizing team interpreters and more.


Posted March 31, 2011 by tamar

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