Omissions: Good, Bad, or Both?   Leave a comment

This workshop will explain and lead analysis of the five different types of omissions that Jemina Napier researched examining Auslan Interpreters’ work. This includes looking at how the subject matter may effect how omissions are made or used. It is an undeniable fact that omissions occur. Having these categories of omissions allows interpreters to learn to manage which types of omissions occur with a goal of having less unconscious omissions (when meaning is lost) and correctly utilize strategic conscious omissions (when interpretation is enhanced). Each of these types of omissions will be explained in full with examples provided:

• Conscious Strategic Omissions

• Conscious Intentional Omissions

• Conscious Unintentional Omissions

• Conscious Receptive Omissions

• Unconscious Omissions

We examine the implication of Napier’s study on our work and our preparation for interpreting assignments.

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