Creating and Maintaining an Impartial Climate When Working With GLBTQI Consumers: Exploring the Interpreting Process Through a Social Justice Lens   Leave a comment

Using a social justice framework, participants will discuss relevant language, definitions, signs, and cultural norms addressing potential barriers facing GLBTQI consumers.  Current research clips will be shown of people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing (D/HH) and who identify as GLBTQI.  This research focuses on the diversity in language and culture within D/HH communities.

Activities will be utilized to assist participants in gaining a broader understanding of marginalized identities and how GLBTQI individuals are impacted by heteronormative culture.  Analyzing cultural norms related to gender and sexual orientation through the lens of social justice will allow participants to better perceive the implications of privilege when working in the Deaf, Hard of Hearing or other communities.  Interpreting strategies will be discussed for creating and maintaining an impartial climate for GLBTQI consumers throughout the interpreting process.  All are welcome to participate in this workshop!

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